Cách Làm Sinh Tố Sầu Riêng

Sinh Tố Sầu riêng is a Vietnamese Durian Shake designed lớn beat the Summer heat! Three star ingredients are blended with milk for an ultra smooth consistency, which makes it perfect when slurping. Learn how to mở cửa the fruit up all by yourself so you can indulge in this luxurious fruit drink.

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If you love this, try it with avocado!


A drink worth every effort

For anyone who wants lớn dive deep into authentic Vietnamese cuisine, you can’t skip over Sinh Tố Sầu Riêng. It’s a terrific fruit shake that’s thick & perfectly slurpable for the ultimate sweet treat!

There are some drinks lượt thích a refreshing Pennywort Juice (Nước rau củ Má) solely designed to bring balance to your body, & then there’s our homemade Durian Shake PACKED with fruity fragrance. The most incredible part? You can add as much durian as you like!

Say goodbye khổng lồ those orders where you only taste a smidgen of the fruit. As soon as you get your blender out for this version, you’ll never go back!

It’s 100% customizable & you can địa chỉ cửa hàng however much of each ingredient as you like. But the over result will be the same for all: ultra creamy, light and fluffy sweetness with the signature durian flavor that locals go crazy for!

All about the fruit

What it is

It might be surprising to lớn know that durian is actually known as the ‘King of Fruits’ in some places. They’re hard to miss because there’s no other fruit in the world that has sharp spikes & a smell that evokes fits of love (or hate) in its consumers.

You’ll find them growing on trees in Malaysia và Thailand, where the trees can grow as tall as 50m (164 feet) high. If you ever get a chance to visit these orchards, make sure not khổng lồ stand underneath a tree because you might over up with a head injury if the spiky fruit falls on you!


Often thought of as being an acquired taste, the fruit’s flavor is robust & its aromas can be smelt from long distances away when opened. Here are some ways people tend to lớn describe the smell and taste:

If you love it: Creamy, beautifully sweet và fragrant.

Despite how people feel about it, there are actually many different breeds with chất lượng flavor profiles. Thai versions are generally sweeter và mushier whereas Malaysian ones have a tighter texture và are stronger in the signature durian flavor – all super delicious!

Health Benefits

Lovers of the fruit will be happy to lớn know that they’re packed with nutrients lượt thích vitamin C & potassium. They’re also naturally high in dietry fibre for digestive health và carbohydrates for energy to use throughout the day.

Growing up, my family would often tell me not lớn eat too much of it because it’ll make my body ‘hot’ (熱氣 yit hei) & I’d need to lớn cool it down by having some Chinese Herbal Tea (涼茶). So whenever I bởi get the chance to eat the delicious fruit, I make sure to lớn have it in moderation!

How vì you pick a good durian?


Each time we go to lớn the Asian supermarket, there will almost always be a nice lady standing outside the fruit cửa hàng encouraging passersby to lớn buy a durian. We trust that they know their products best, so we always ask them khổng lồ choose a good one for us.

They’ll often cut part of the shell open to expose the flesh inside so you get lớn see what you’re going to be spending your money on. But if that’s not an option, here’s what you can do:

Scratch the stem. You should be able khổng lồ easily scratch into a bright green layer underneath, which indicates that it is still fresh.Opt for the smaller ones. These will pack more flavor because there are fewer seeds to chia sẻ the nutrients with. All the nutrients over up getting concentrated into the few seeds inside.Check the bottom. Hold the fruit up so you’re looking at its base and make sure it is all still in tact without any openings.

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Give it a smell. Place your nose close khổng lồ the top and give it a good sniff. You should be able lớn smell the aromas coming through.Go for gold. When open, check that the flesh is a deep yellow. The deeper the color, the riper it is.

What is the easiest way to mở cửa one?


Use a large knife like a cleaver to make deep incisions starting from the center. Vị so where you notice a bulge when looking from the base. The bulge is where the durian pieces are, so you want khổng lồ cut where you can mở cửa that part up.

Cut deeply enough khổng lồ break through the thick husk. This will roughly be 2cm (0.8″) deep.

You’ll over up with a star with about 7 points.


Follow one of the star’s points and run the knife along the durian’s length, cutting through the husk until you reach the stem.


Use your hands to xuất hiện the cut enough lớn scoop the pieces out, then repeat for all the other points in the star until every piece has been removed.

You can even eat it straight as is or blend it into a delicious Sinh Tố Sầu Riêng!


Why this recipe works

Opening up your own durian means you’ll get the freshest produce straight from the source.Condensed milk keeps the drink sweet và creamy.Using milk thins the mixture out just enough for it to lớn be decadently smooth.

What you’ll need


About the ingredients

All of these ingredients can be added to preference. If you prefer the consistency runnier, địa chỉ cửa hàng more milk. To make it thicker, keep the liquids at a minimum và use more durian.

You can also buy the frozen versions to save yourself from having lớn cut one open. They’re typically sold in Asian supermarkets in the freezer section.

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How lớn make this recipe


Put all the ingredients in a blender and blitz everything until it’s blended to your liking.